1099ers: Outsourced Experience

The business ecosystem is increasingly specialized and
disaggregated.  Companies are constantly forming to provide
specific functions that once existed within every company.  There are
two reasons for this: 1) when companies provide a service at scale they
often can deliver better quality at a lower cost and 2) many companies
can't utilize an internal function at capacity – they're better off
sharing resources.

In my post, The Significance Of Gray Hair, I wrote about the importance of having experienced people managing the most complicated aspects of your operation.  Finding a balance between people who can offer fresh perspectives and those who can leverage their experience is important.  For many, however, hiring a seasoned executive into a full-time biz dev role isn't an option as executives can command higher salaries than your credit cards or seed round budget will support.  A cost effective solution to this is to hire these veterans on a part-time basis, in which veterans provide some coaching and open some doors.  Like any other resource experienced human capital can be shared across companies.

One of my friends, Peter Kestenbaum, just launched a consulting firm to do just that.  His company, the 1099ers (read Ten-Ninety-Nine-ers), is a swat team of senior level execs, each of whom has 15+ years of experience, that advises startup and growth stage companies.  With backgrounds from Sun, IBM, Oracle and HP a 1099er can serve as an outsourced biz dev team or Rolodex for hire.  For those interested, they also have expertise in grabbing stimulus money.  In a nutshell, the team mainly comprises long-time business development execs who aren't willing to settle into retirement and therefore work part-time for startups. 

Finding the right resources is a constant challenge for entrepreneurs.  The 1099ers are another part of the ecosystem that entrepreneurs should know about.  I have attached their flier below.