Access & Innovation: The Birth of Fulton Waters

Innovation is a funny thing. It usually takes risk — a lot of risk. One might think well-funded corporations are poised to own future innovation, but startups are largely the driving force behind “what’s next.”

Startups are willing to chase ideas that don’t fit anywhere else. They have the vision and the talent, but without the advantages of an established brand or deep pockets, iteration must happen quickly.

On the flip side, major corporations want to innovate, but are structured to be risk averse. They’re left to sift through a very large sea of startup solutions that don’t resonate with their business, wasting time and resources.

Fulton Waters bridges the gap. We work with early stage companies to help them access the right opportunities. And we run Innovation Summits for major corporations to help them pinpoint products and ideas worth their time. In short, Fulton Waters takes the friction out of forming the partnerships that should exist.

If you are a high growth company with a fantastic solution, or an established brand trying to find the next best thing, let’s connect.