A Day in the Innovation Age

Here at Fulton Waters we have the privilege of spending our days talking to, and working with some of the most innovative companies and people. For fun, we put together a ‘day in the life’ of all things that are a reality today, that most people don’t realize, many of these examples are companies we work with.

Monday morning. Your smart home system connected to your devices and calendar, wakes you up so that you aren’t late for your early morning meeting. After a quick breakfast, you hop on your motorcycle, not forgetting to put on your helmet that’s connected to your phone, giving you immediate access to maps, messages, calls and even your music through a Head Up Display on the visor. On your way to work, you spot Google’s self-driving car driving behind you, thanks to the rear-facing camera mounted on your helmet projecting visuals on your visor. 

Walking into office, you meet with your team – marketing strategies being the theme of the day. A quick check with your influencer marketing program shows that your online content has doubled in the last month; all thanks to incentivizing consumers to upload their own content to your brand page. 

Another software highlights trending content, driving website engagement and traction, so you inspire your team to start sharing articles on the company’s knowledge hub. You also ask them to rope in their best customers and consultants to contribute, empowering them to become thought leaders.

Your phone beeps, and it’s a message from your finance team about the company’s drop in sales volumes. Thanks to your secure messaging platform shielding you from hackers, you can talk about sensitive numbers with your management team on-to-go. A short conversation later, a decision to reduce product prices is reached. 

With cognitive software studying your retail data, you know beforehand the impact of a price drop within a product category, down to specific retail store or multiple stores in a region. What’s even more impressive is that the model can even study the impact of weather on your sales.

Increased store visits bring new consumers to witness your new retail sales driver – a cutting edge product display that combines a physical and digital product experience. With predictive analytics in place, your online customers are sent personalized product-specific emails, letting them know of the price drop, all on the basis of their search history, across devices. The newly integrated sales system allowing customers to shop with real-life local sales executives online will streamline the shopping experience, increasing the money spent.

Next is a meeting your insights team. You decide to re-launch one of your products to a different market after a new type of digital research uncovers the underlying motivations of your, and your competition’s customers. Who knew you could get so much information from a social profile? 

With the day drawing to an end, you prepare for yet another action packed day ahead.

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