The Innovation Need

Innovation – the it word that everyone is using these days. The very fact that we all have used innovation at least twice on our LinkedIn profiles definitely means it is. Although, does anyone ever stop and ask what innovation is?

We have found that, just like beauty, innovation depends largely on the eyes of the beholder. Some say that innovation is a process that is at beginning of a product lifecycle. Some feel that the need for innovation originates from the customer. Others feel that innovation is an overused buzzword that is much as a fad as <insert now-a-trend-now-not-a-trend here>. There are others who have determined innovation to be the responsibility of specific departments, with no scope of internal collaboration at all.

Here’s our take on innovation – it IS a buzzword, but one that is here to stay. Why a buzzword? Because the innovativeness behind innovating is lost when everyone is doing exactly that. Why is it here to stay? Because innovation to the corporate-kind is evolution to the human-kind. Evolving preferences, decisions, opinions have resulted in companies needing to drastically switch up their offerings in order to stay relevant. Everything is evolving, and it’s in our best interests to evolve faster than those around us (thanks Darwin!).

We believe that the entire concept of innovation is a mindset. A mindset that allows people to think beyond what has been and focus on what will be. There are a large number of companies who want to be innovative but aren’t sure how. While no one can change mindsets (though one can try), the best way of understanding and embracing innovation is looking around you. 

Given the sheer amount of innovation and evolution that one witnesses on a daily basis, we understand that it can be an uphill task to sift through the early stage community to find innovation relevant to you. What are others doing? What can we do to match that? How can we better align ourselves with the customer of today? How long will it take? These are just a few questions that will inevitably swamp you.

That’s where we step in. Fulton Waters works as a funnel and filter for corporations looking to partner with the innovation community. We curate opportunities tailored for the Fortune 1000. If you feel overwhelmed navigating the changing landscape, we may be able to help. 

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