Fulton Waters Insights helps you make sense of how the innovation that is rampant in marketing today by identifying tomorrow's Marketing Technology superstars by analyzing today's trends. Simplifying how you talk to your consumers, our research enables you to focus on the content of your communication through solutions that deliver maximum impact with minimal interference. 



Fulton Waters Insights was born out of the necessity for innovation. We study the actual drivers behind change and trends, rather than just focusing on trends.

We provide a practical approach to research provides a clean and clear perspective on the innovation behind a trend. We get our hands dirty and work with the innovators around the world, giving you a sneak peak at what today's trends will evolve into tomorrow.

Fulton Waters Insights studies global innovation to identify players revolutionizing today's trends by leveraging technology to its full potential. Each publication has a shortlist of technological pioneers, endorsed and validated by us. All featured companies and platforms have to fulfill the following five benchmarks:

  • High degree of differentiation
  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Demonstrated ability to execute
  • Sustainable and near-term ROI
  • Competitive implementation costs


Our Marketing Technology Innovation 2017 research series covers four key areas in marketing today. Plotted on our IX matrix, our research provides a simplistic yet holistic approach to identifying partners that are best suited to what you need to gain the upper hand.

Tapping into the rise of content in the brand-consumer relationship, Fulton Waters Insights focuses on platforms that utilize content to create sustainable brand presence, bringing customers and employees to the forefront of your relationships. Our analysts have studied the content marketing industry and bring to your attention platforms that are effective resolutions to issues faced by your content teams today. This report provides you with the insight into the effective generation and utilization of content for both B2C and B2B businesses. Read more here.

This edition of the MarTech Innovation series focuses on platforms that enhance experiences for customers - online and offline. With the spiral of commodification hitting many industries, customer experience is now the solitary differentiator. We scour the innovation stage to find the best platforms to transform customer experience, resulting in building sustainable and profitable customer relationships. Irrespective of your business, learn more about the technological evolution in relationships here.

Get a step ahead in today's digitization of marketing by working with analytical platforms that provide a logical and comprehensible analysis of all that data you're generating. Whether you have 100,000 or 100,000,000 customers, the Fulton Waters Insights team provides you with the best analytical services available in your industry. Unleash the power of your data by clicking here.

Learn how large corporations can smoothly integrate the agility of the early stage community into their daily way of working. Fulton Waters insights covers start-up best practices for the corporate world including technologies that allow you to pivot your strategies quickly for cost effective customer growth. Read more on our Growth Hacking for Corporates report here.