Content Marketing Edition


Innovation has changed how global businesses operate. Disruptors have altered the status quo, leading to significant shifts in business models. Marketing has also evolved over the past few years, completely reshaping how brands talk to their consumers. This change has shifted content to a prominent position in a brand's marketing and communication strategy. 

Utilization of content has proven to generate significant returns across platforms prompting global conglomerates to sit up and notice. This edition of our Marketing Technology Innovation series covers the do's and don'ts of Content Marketing and how to best utilize the various forms of content available today. (Our Analytics report studies that best platforms to gauge the success of your strategy).

This edition features highly differentiated platforms that solve the issues faced by content marketers today.

 A must have for today's marketers, this report covers platforms that help:

  • Create, curate and aggregate content relevant to users
  • Automate content creation and management processes
  • Use differentiated content for your B2C and B2B marketing
  • Identify key social influencers bolster consumer acquisition
  • Enhance brand positioning utilizing content from all sources
  • Utilize UGC across visual displays & advertising campaigns
  • Design a branded content web destination 
  • Unlock content performance through analytical insights
  • Boost ecommerce sales and conversions 
  • Share content seamlessly among internal teams 
  • Simplify newsletter content curation and design
  • Trigger your best customers to generate content
  • Position your employees as industry thought leaders
  • Aid content distribution through social amplification tools
  • Identify social influencers to bolster consumer acquisition
  • Maximize content engagement, ROI and impressions